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Meet the Staff of Coyote Classics

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Coyote Classics - Our Friendly Staff

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Iowa has many well kept secrets, and one of those is Coyote Classics, a licensed and bonded, American Muscle and Classic Car Dealer. Nestled in America's Heartland, Coyote Classics is conveniently located near several major cities such as Omaha, NE; Chicago, IL; and Minneapolis, MN to name a few. We take great pride in owning all the cars in our inventory and do not host consignments. Coyote Classics works hard to find quality, classic investments at great prices, so we can pass those great prices & savings on to you!

The focus of Coyote Classics has always been buying & selling quality cars, providing great prices and remarkable customer care. Our customers are our priority and we work hard to make sure each of our customers is happy and satisfied in doing business with us. We provide our customers with many tools to help them make that important buying decision. Some of those tools include up to 90 clear pictures of each car, quality 30 minute videos showing every detail and pointing out any flaw. We welcome third-party inspections and are thrilled when you personally stop in to admire and inquire of the cars we have showcased. Coyote Classics is also sufficiently staffed to sustain various departments such as a quality Sales and Service Department, and Customer Service and Administrative Departments. Give us a call today and let us help you make your classic and muscle car dreams come true!

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Chad Austin - CEO

- chad@coyoteclassics.com

When not busy hunting with his 3 boys, coaching his sons' club sports or spoiling their granddaughter, Chad is actively involved with all the duties that come with being a business owner. Managing sales, advertising and taking the pictures and videos you see on our website are just some of his responsibilities. Chad also takes pride in overseeing and finalizing all inventory purchases, and looking for the best deals out there, so he can pass those savings on to his customers. Aside from sales, purchases and promotions, Chad also closely manages the shop, production and quality. Chad began his love of the classics car when he was just 20 years old working side by side with his dad in the car industry. Chad's vast knowledge of the classics and the value they possess inspired him, just eight years later, to start his own business out of his home with his wife. The two worked diligently, side by side, to build his dream into what it is today, Coyote Classics. Throughout this journey, Chad has loved meeting new people and making new friends from across the globe. He enjoys learning of their interests & the stories behind their love of the classic car. Chad's enthusiasm and love of these cars is contagious, and you will quickly feel at ease knowing he works hard to connect you with your perfect dream investment.

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Lisa Austin - COO / CFO

- lisa@coyoteclassics.com

Lisa was born and raised in Utah moving to Iowa in 1996 and later marrying the love of her life in 1999. As a partner in business with her husband Chad, she wears many hats such as Chief Operation Officer and CFO along with managing many areas of the company such as Customer Relations and Human Resources. Lisa is actively involved in running the business & making those important business decisions. As a perfectionist she works hard to make sure all business procedures and transactions run smoothly. Lisa is known to keep a tight, busy schedule at work and at home as a mom of 4 children (1 daughter and 3 sons) and as a grandma to a beautiful granddaughter whom she adores. Chad & Lisa enjoy spending time with their children fishing, boating, hunting, hiking, and spending time on the great Mississippi River with friends and family in their spare time. 

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Dalton Austin - Manager

- dalton@coyoteclassics.com

Dalton developed his love for classic cars at a young age, while watching his parents Chad and Lisa Austin build Coyote Classics from the ground up. Dalton loved spending time during the summer at Coyote Classics,offering to help out anyway he could. He enjoyed learning new things every day, and being around the beautiful, classic inventory. Working alongside his parents, helping them to grow the business has always been something Dalton has aspired to do. Though he's only 19 years old, Dalton is a big part of Coyote Classics, helping customers get behind the wheel of a classic that they are sure to enjoy. 

When Dalton finds some free time away from the dealership, he enjoys racing figure 8 cars, hunting, and spending time with his Girlfriend and Family.       

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Mike Sorenson - Sales Manager

- mike@coyoteclassics.com

With 45 years under his belt, Mike likes to say he has his Doctorate in Experience. There is nothing better than experience when it comes to working with people. He’s a great listener, and wants you to get behind the wheel of your dream car as badly as you do. Mike is a good, honest hard working salesman who is easy to talk to and truly loves to see his costumers drive away happy. When he’s not with his Coyote Classics family he’s spending time with his wife, with whom he’s been married for 50 years. (Thanks to his great communication skills!) He also takes pride in his 3 kids and 6 grandkids. He advises them, "Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life!"


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Erin Dralle - Senior CSA

- erin@coyoteclassics.com

Erin has been a member of the Coyote Classics team since January 2017, as our Customer Service Representative and Transportation Officer. Erin is a great asset to our coyote family with years of experience in an office setting. Erin was born and raised in Greene, IA and continues to reside here with her husband and 4 children. Working with Erin, you will quickly connect like old friends as her kind heart as true Midwest personality shines through. Erin loves meeting new people and getting to know them. With her contagious laugh and bubbly personality, she is a joy to work with. After being on the phone with her for a few short minutes, you'll feel like you're talking with an old friend. As our Customer Service Representative, Erin will be by your side throughout your buying process. She will provide you with everything you need to make purchasing your dream car a simple and smooth transaction. If you choose Coyote Classics to arrange shipping for you, as our Transportation Officer, Erin will continue to work very hard for you, as your advocate, to book a suitable carrier and to assure that your car arrives safely at your door

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Jim Loomer - Transporter


Jim has a history of moving classic cars across the nation, whether he’s driving them himself or hauling them for a customer. As the proud owner of a 1969 Corvette and a 1968 Buick Skylark, he’s embarked on many a road trip driving 50 year old cars with his wife. That’s why he understands the importance of a drivable, well taken care of classic. He holds a full CDL and Med Card so you can count on Jim to get the job done and get it done right. He and his wife are still hitting the road together making sure your dream car is delivered safely and promptly to your door.

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Jack Severin - Mechanic


Jack has been a faithful member of our team since May of 2016 and is a great asset to our Coyote Classics family. Being a Certified Master Mechanic allows him to know the ins and outs of your classic car like the back of his hand. Jack has worked on ford muscle cars since the late 70's and is incredibly thorough at what he does. Jack is an adoring Dad and thanks to his children, his family is pretty big. Jack is a proud grandfather of nine grandchildren and one great grandson. When not hard at work making sure these classics run smoothly, he enjoys spending quality time with his family and going out and sinking a few worms on his fishing pole.

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Tim Buss - Mechanic - Interior Specialist


Tim is a Coyote Classics veteran with the company since 2012. He enjoys making things look nice, which is why he is so great at interior work on these beautiful classics. He also has 25 years of experience as a mechanic so you can trust that any car he touches will be running well. Tim keeps busy with 4 kids and 5 grandchildren. When he's not hard at work, you might find him fishing on the river or sitting around a campfire.

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Jason Waddell - Detail Specialist


 If you've purchased a vehicle from us then there's no doubt that Jason has had a hand in making it shine! Joining our team as our Detail Specialist in March 2018, Jason is responsible for getting the cars ready for photos and deliveries. His 14 years of experience can definitely be seen in the work he does.  Jason always has a smile on his face and is a lot of fun to work with.  He was born and raised in Charles City, Iowa and continues to live there now.  You may see him riding down the highway on his Harley in his free time, in all its glory, perfectly polished! 

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